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The First Gesture Controlling Mouse for Mac & Windows

10 common shortcuts with its built-in gesture control.

Maus can improve Designers' productivity and better your work fluidity.

With skilled craftsmanship, Maus is both charming and practical.

Maus by Lofree, a stunning Bluetooth mouse features macarons color and seamless craftsmanship. 

Not only look great,

it is fully functional with the most advanced technology incorporated into the mouse. 

It’s time to upgrade your mouse.

The Lofree Maus features gesture control. With just two easily accessible buttons on the mouse, it comes with 10 common Mac and Windows shortcuts with its built-in gesture control most users are familiar with. 

A Shadow of Your Hand

Aesthetic Look

Designed with Lofree’s signature aesthetic, the Maus looks one of a kind, vibrant, and incorporates elements of a retro style. 

Compatible with both Windows and Mac, it comes with a 3.7V lithium battery and 5 adjustable DPI, adding a touch of glamour to your desktop.

Bright up Your Life